The Magic Touch - An Interactive Projection

The Magic Touch is an interactive projection. I stretched a piece of spandex over top of a 3x6ft handmade wood frame. I was then projecting my code onto the back of the spandex. The projection patterns were manipulated based on where the spandex is touched and how deep it is stretched. There were 3 different projection patterns that were cycled continuously at 15 seconds each. I coded in Processing, used a Kinect for depth perception, and used a projector to project upon the spandex. 
concept sketch:
personal timeline:
11/8 – Finalize projection design(s) 
11/10 – Research 
11/15 – have spandex assembled, Code in Processing 
11/17 – Code in Processing 
11/22 – Code in Processing 
11/24 – Code in Processing 
11/29 – Test/Refine 
12/1 – Test/Finalize
frame assembly:
the three different patterns that were projected in 15 second increments 
live demo:
behind the scenes setup:
close up:
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